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I have an senior diabetic dog (insulin dependent) and have been using the vet recommend food. I have been doing lots of research recently and found my current dog food is rated poorly nearly everywhere. My family and dog-people friends all use Taste of the Wild and have been trying to get us to switch over. We know it would mean adjusting her insulin because of the carbs/protein ratio, but I was wondering if anyone here knows of any reason this food should not be used for diabetics. Or if changing foods can be a big strain on a diabetic’s system. Thanks!

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When changing to Taste of the Wild, we recommend making a gradual transition over 7-10 days to help avoid possible digestive upset in sensitive pets. Add a small amount of new food to your dog’s previous diet, gradually increasing the new and decreasing the previous diet until the transition is complete.

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Taste of the Wild dry dog food too high for an active and healthy senior dog. Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream canine formula is a fish and potato kibble. The food is grain free with salmon, potato fiber, and sweet potatoes. According to Taste of the Wild (or TOTW), the food is good for dogs with a sensitive stomach. It has 25 percent crude protein and 15 percent minimum crude fat, with 360 calories per cup. On a dry matter basis, the food has 27.8 percent protein, 16.7 percent fat, 3.3 percent fiber, and approximately 43.3 percent carbohydrates. It is AAFCO approved for adult maintenance.

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I agree but there is a purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach which has no active ingredients. I’m going to give it a try before going to a dermatologist. My dogs skin is getting really bad. Very itchy and red. I hope it helps. I had her on purina pro plan before switching to taste of the wild and blue buffalo. I know taste of the wild is really good but I think different foods effect dogs differently. What may work for one dog may not work for another.

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