Noy's Plush Dog Toys are made extra-tough, yet soft and snuggly

The Leaps & Bounds Tough Plush Shark Dog Toy is ready to jump into the action with teeth bared. Reinforced stitching challenges your canine while TPR spikes massage their chompers as they take on this squeaker-free chew toy.

goDog Dinos T-Rex Tough Plush Dog Toy with Chew Guard Technology, Pink, Large

GoDog Holiday Dragons are festive, whimsical creatures which are as tough as they are cute. Made with bubble plush and lined with Chew Guard Technology. Minimal stuffing gives these toys a fun "floppy" feel that dogs love!.

The Hyper Pet Tough Plush Tiger Dog Toy is ready for playtime

goDog Dinos T-Rex Tough Plush Dog Toy with Chew Guard Technology, Green, Large The Leaps & Bounds Tough Plush Gorilla Dog Toy is a silent but rugged playmate that's ideal for your chew-happy pup. Reinforced seams and TPR spikes are designed to take on chewing, pawing and rough play sessions with your canine.

Leaps & Bounds Tough Plush Rhino Dog Toy in Medium | Petco

The Leaps & Bounds Tough Plush Shark Dog Toy is a large playmate that can take on your heavy chewer whenever they're riled up for some hearty roughhousing or a spirited game of tug-o-war. TPR spikes and patches on his head, back, arms and legs provide your canine with plenty of places to chew and massage their gums.

Leaps & Bounds Tough Plush Shark Dog Toy in Large | Petco

This may not be the strongest dog toy in the world, but if you really want to get your aggressive chewer a cute plush toy, here’s one that stands a chance. It’s double seamed and made of a tough kevlar-like material. That’s probably not enough to stop a dog who’s intent on getting at that sweet, sweet stuffing inside, but it’s certainly stronger than your average plushie.Go Social With Us: Tough Toy Pros Review Okay, okay, when are we going to give up on this ridiculous search for a strong plush dog toy that aggressive chewers can’t tear apart in 35 […]Luckily Kong also sells tons of other types including regular tough balls, frisbees, rope toys, plush toys, and more. If you have an extreme case of aggressive chewing, Kong even sells an “Extreme” version which is sure to slow them down. There is definitely a durable Kong toy (maybe even indestructible!) that will work for your dog, which is why we placed it as the best overall tough dog toy.Go Social With Us:Tough Toy Pros Review We had high hopes for the goDog Checkers Donkey with Chew Guard Technology Tough Plush Dog Toy, but alas, Willie gutted it in four hours. The donkey’s body has […]