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The cans might belong to the city, but I pay for the service based on volume and weight. Put your trash in the container you pay for. That said, if anyone has ever dropped their dog waste in my trash can, I haven’t noticed. And if the person were responsible enough to follow Luckier’s rules, I would be hard-pressed to generate any anger. Annoyance, maybe. And fleeting at that. Overall, I appreciate living in a city where dog walkers routinely pick up after their pets.

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If you can’t carry your own dog’s waste back to your own can, than you should not have a pet. Take responsibility for your own dogs waste, do not leave it on the ground. I do not want to come home from work and find your dog’s waste in my empty can. This forces me to keep your dog’s waste for several days in my garage until the next trash pickup. Do you know how much that smells. Disgusting!
I pick-up after my own dog on walks, and carry it all the way back to my house. My dog my responsibility.

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Going Fast! tatco dog waste station trash can 28000 for $411.87 from Tatco. First, I am the owner of a 92 lb yellow lab. So I'm familiar with this topic. I have a very good friend with a fast food restaurant that has a black trash container in front of his place. Almost everyone will throw their dogs waste in this trash can instead of taking the time to place it in their own trash cans behind their house. It really stinks and its 10 feet from the bus stop and his front door. I don't think its wrong to put dog waste in this public can but maybe a sign will make people realize there is a better more remote location for it. And trust me, many individuals don't tie off their bags and it really does stink!

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If you hate the thought of poop in your trash cans and just want it to magically disappear, you might want to consider installing a doggie dooley, which is an easy-to-install septic system for dog waste. It’s an odor-free, sanitary solution that works really well. It works like a home septic system by using environment-friendly enzymes and bacteria to turn dog waste into a ground-absorbed liquid. All you need to do is drop in the poo and add water and digester. Problem solved!

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Trash Can Liners for Receptacles from Pet Waste Eliminator are a necessary part of your Dog Waste Disposal Station! Fits our 10 Gallon Steel Trash Receptacles (Item E10, sold separately).That’s not to say the trash bin’s conservator has no rights at all. If he really hates seeing his neighbors toss bagged dog leavings into his can he can petition the local government to ban it. There are jurisdictions that, for whatever reason, forbid dropping bagged dog waste into someone else’s trash bin without their permission. , is one; Seattle, Wash., may be another, though differ on how to read the relevant statutory language. An obstacle to achieving such bans, I would guess, is that the sort of people likeliest to want them are least likely to concede that this matter should be decided by any lawmaking or regulating body. They’d rather fume about the violation of their private property rights, like an angry senior citizen telling the government to . It makes about as little sense.