Jan 22, 2015 - Use a dog harness made specifically for car travel

The first step is to determine what will be the most practical way for the dog to travel in the car. Traveling in a crate or attached to a seat belt provides the greatest safety for the dog and the passengers, but the pet will first need to be conditioned to rest in its crate or wear the seat belt harness in the home.

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With all the hiking and camping we do long car rides are inevitable, and I was recently approached by Kurgo to test and review the. And to be honest it really got me thinking, well I sat down and I did some serious research on dog harnesses for the car and also traveling safely with my dogs. We wear seat belts, only makes sense for your dog to be properly restrained, after watching video after video of other car harnesses failing and then seeing the dog (crash dummy dog) fly through the air made my heart sink. Not only would my dog be seriously injured or perish in an event of a crash but my daughter, husband or I would be greatly injured due to the dog then becoming a projectile.

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Dog Car Harness For Safe Travel A Dog Car Harness can make travelling with dogs in cars safer. Here’s some information that you should know. Good Pet Stuff Travelin Dog Car Seat - Thumbnail ... folding legs - height ranges from 10" to 14" Strong harness straps keep your pet securely in his dog car seat ...

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TRAVELIN' DOG CAR HARNESS $19.99 to $22.99
A dog harness for the traveling dog. Constructed of heavy-duty nylon webbing and soft, faux sheepskin, the Travelin' Dog car harness is a practical, comfortable way to offer your dog added safety when riding in a vehicle. It's designed to quickly attach to the vehicle's existing seat belt system and snap-lock buckles make it easy to get the harness on and off your dog. Additional padding at the chest protects vulnerable areas from impact and sudden stops. Dogs can sit and stand with the harness on. For best fit, measure around the widest part of the dog's chest. Do not place dogs in front of activated air bags; back-seat use is recommended. This product comes in small, medium and large. Due to the nature of a harness, it is important to get one that fits your pet securely. These harnesses vary according to the girth of the animal.

Another is the 'Travelin' Dog Car Harness' by Comfort Ride.