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Nature intended. But sometimes its OK to substitute these better quality
processed pet foods like this Trippet canned, which looks to provide a
nutritious meal. At least on paper.

Dinner was some left over sweet potato fries, canned spinach and pork chops from my dinner plus a can of trippet dog food

Also, trippet is more of a food topper than a stand-alone meal. I feed it once in a while because I've been told its really healthy for the dogs. I pretty much rotate around different canned foods and mix it in with the kibbles.

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Or give Guide (below) or mix the trippett mix dog food percentage guidelines (below) now in the reference given for dry food or homemade food. When our dogs or cats are sick, they often lose their appetite. We have some very stinky canned dog food called Trippet that has help many dogs get their appetite back. Dog owners don’t care for the smell but appreciate that it helps get their dogs eating again.

Tripett New Zealand Green Lamb Tripe Dog Food.

The Trippet company sells a variety of great dog foods that make species specific considerations a high priority. Trippet Duck and Salmon Tripe Dog Food gives your dog a great combination of meaty protein and lots of Omega 3 fatty oils. Their Trippet Green Beef Tripe Dog Food formula incorporates plant nutrients in combination with the digestive enzymes that allow dogs to metabolize them. Tiki Cat has a number of great all-natural cat food solutions such as Tiki Cat- Hawiian Grill -Ahi Tuna, and Tiki Cat - Molokai Lanai - Tuna in Crab Consommé. Both are full of the protein your little tiger needs, without excess fillers and flavors.

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I have double-checked Trippet Green Beef Tripe's ingredients and my suspicions seem to be accurate. Basically, it is a great and very simple dog food, containing mostly green tripe and water (both brilliant for CKF dogs). However, there is some garlic in it and some carrageenan gum (both these are somewhat controversial ingredients for long term and continuous feeding, when this is the only diet being fed. In addition to this, the Trippet varieties have no added minerals or vitamins, unlike most renal dog foods available.There is a canned food (Trippett or Petkind) that uses tripe (it smells but the dogs love it). There are many varieties like lamb, beef, etc...i would try a can of that for the picky dog.
Sometimes they refuse to eat food they know they are allergic to. Luckily we found a vet that muscle tested our dogs on various foods...we found that they were allergic to chicken and beef and i'd been crock pot cooking a chicken a week and alternating with ground been the next them off chicken based kibble and switched to lamb grain free (no rice either) and they're doing great. Used to have anal gland allergy problems with the foods that irritated them as well as females licking their genitals as allergic symptoms...never had seen that before. Diet changes helped end those problems. Good luck.I know of quite a few people that have spoken well about the Mercola Pro-Biotics and Digestive Enzymes. I would use both on my dog but they are currently out of stock on the Enzymes. I know I also feed my dog Trippet (green beef tripe), Answer’s Goats Milk, and Kefir. All of these have some form of Enzymes and such in them. Kefir is really good if you can find it. Hound Dog Mom suggests it a lot and can be beneficial to any dogs diet. I of course switch up between the Kefir and Goats Milk but always add the Enzymes and Pro-Biotics to my dogs food. I split the daily dosages for the supplements up for his feedings.I have had just a continual problems with both Acanna and Orijen line dog foods. About 4 months ago we took our 6 month old Mastiff/Boxer off Diamond large breed puppy (which he ate with zero side effects) and switched him to the Acanna Burbank Potato chicken flavor food. We did a slow 5 day transition and it seemed to get ok, until about 2 weeks later. He started throwing it up like every other meal, and acted like his tummy was in trouble..eating grass during outside times etc. Since the kibbles appeared mostly undigested when he puked them up, we thought maybe he was eating too fast so we got him a maze bowl, and elevated his bowl as well. This slowed him down a lot, but had zero effect on his ability to stomach the food. After reading online, and talking to vet etc, we thought he may have a potato allergy so we switched him to Acanna Wild prairie. He perked up, and we thought we got it under control, then 2 weeks later, same deal. Thought perhaps it might be the protein source so we switched him to the Acanna Fish flavor (blue bag) Same deal. 2 weeks of joy, then puking. We are so discouraged at this point. About 6 weeks ago we thought ok, theres still 5% potato in all Acanna kibbles, we will switch to Orijen, so we switched to the Adult Chicken since he was eating Diamond dog food chicken flavor we thought was a safe protein. This time he made it nearly a month, but has since started puking up every other day, so not as often but still eats grass…acts upset. We recently got a SECOND puppy from the same breeder using the same 2 parent dogs, Mastiff/Boxer, and we have a little 2 month old puppy at home with us now in addition to our now 9 month old thats been puking since we took him off cheap food, and the 2 month old is now eating grass and puking every other meal! We have changed from 2 larger portions during the day, to 3 smaller portions throughout the day and never exceed the bag recommended total amount of cups per day based on his weight. Bowls elevated, with maze bowls AND Trippet pro-biotics with each meal. Nothing matters! Whats so very frustrating, is we have done lots of research to find a safe healthy kibble and all of our findings on the Orijen company suggest its a great kibble, so why are our dogs throwing it up? So disheartening… We just feel so overwhelmed at this point.. thinking about switching to either blue buffalo for a more bland oat/rice diet, or Nature’s Logic. Anyone know anything about this anomaly? Any help is very appreciated as we are at our wits end. BOTH our little guys just need a healthy dog food that they can stomach 🙁