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In one of Friz Freleng's earliest Sylvester/Tweety shorts we find Tweety taking a bath in a city park's birdbath when Sylvester (cleverly hidden behind a newspaper) spots him. Thus begins a classic chase through the park and into the city. Oh, and a feisty nanny spending an afternoon at the park with the baby she's watching somehow gets mixed up in the whole situation.

Being a 1950 cartoon, we see the deceptively cute Tweety at his most aggressive. The bird takes great pleasure in thwarting Sylvester's every attempt at catching him, resorting to everything from anvils to even getting a "guard dog" (in what has to be one of the most creative visual/musical moments ever in a Sylvester/Tweety cartoon). The best gag, however, involves Sylvester disguising as the Nanny's child.

The animation, particularly of the park scenery, is topnotch (and it's here that we really see Tweety develop visually), Carl Stalling's musical score is (as usual) excellent, and the ending is perfect (particularly, Tweety's final line after getting rid of Sylvester is hilarious).

Overall, this is easily among the finest Sylvester/Tweety cartoons. And considering the excellent quality of the two's shorts up until around 1960, that's certainly saying something.

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Hector the bulldog is a known pet of Granny, along with Tweety Bird. Whenever Granny wasn’t nearby to protect Tweety, Sylvester would make attempts at him but Hector often makes sure he doesn’t get the chance. Hector is often been compared to Spike from Tom and Jerry because of his breed.

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Sylvester Cat tries to catch Tweety Bird, who is up in a tree in the middle of the city dog pound. The chase between Sylvester and Tweety continues into a busy city street, where the puddy tat himself gets chased by Hector the bulldog. All three are injured by passing cars and taken to the city hospital, where Nurse Granny tends to the threesome. Innocent Tweety is the only one who tries to get rest, but Sylvester and Hector are always at odds, kitty trying to get at the bird and doggy harassing the lisping alley cat. Sylvester tries several methods to do away with the dog, all of which fail. At one point, Sylvester does swallow Tweety, but Nurse Granny takes the cat into puddy surgery (which results in a large bandage placed over his chest). In the end, Sylvester, Tweety and Hector are released from the hospital, but the chase quickly starts again and the three wandering into traffic. "Que sera sera," sighs Granny.

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Granny places Tweety's cage up high where Sylvester shouldn't be able to reach him. Undaunted, the ever-resourceful feline retrieves a ladder, climbs up to Tweety's cage, and opens it with the intent to eat him. Tweety Bird manages to convince Sylvester that a huge present waiting under the Christmas tree is for Sylvester. Sylvester abandons Tweety in his greed, and opens the present with relish. It turns out to be , who promptly ate Sylvester. Granny arrives and forced the dog to spit out Sylvester, and then throws the dog out of her house.

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A homeless cat (Claude Cat) searching for food is harassed by the playful antics and barking of an energetic pup (Frisky Puppy). Frisky repeatedly sneaks up behind the poor tabby cat (who hates the dog) and scares it into jumping vertically when it barks. After Claude finally silences the pup, he encounters a larger dog, whose bark has a disastrous effect. Tweety Bird has two lines. Can you guess what they are?Recently, our research into tick borne illnesses (Anaplasma, Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever) has been tremendously helpful in diagnosing dogs with fear aggression, scatterbrained obsessive compulsive behavior, cage anxiety, depression, lethargy and anemia, joint pain, stiffness and arthritis, liver and kidney damage including incontinence, deafness, cataracts, unexplained fevers and death. Most dogs that are infected with any of these terrible diseases have no focus or energy and in many cases lose their scenting abilities are dramatically affected as these diseases attack the central nervous system and can cause brain damage besides chronic pain and suffering. Because of the uniqueness of the breeds we rescue, we can always tell when our infected dogs are recovering as they start to settle down and once their brain starts to heal—they start to point. They point tweety birds, they point squirrels and eventually and much to our delight, they will point upland birds. We are certain that these unfortunate dogs have been dumped by their owners and deemed useless because of their undiagnosed illnesses, but our success rate in re-homing these dogs post antibiotic treatment— especially into working hunting pet homes has been quite successful. Currently our incoming infection rate of new foster dogs is over 90 percent. Check out our new section to view our recent research into this important health issue affecting our pets.