Does An Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Sound Device Work?

Read an ultrasonic dog deterrent review, and another, and another, and the same criticisms will likely start jumping out. Unlike most other consumer products, manufacturers of these devices don’t have to prove that they work, and in many peoples’ experience, they don’t. At first, they were marketed to farmers to repel animals like deer from their fields. That didn’t work. Then they were marketed for getting rid of animals nesting in building rafters, like bats. After a brief period of confusion, these animals learned to adjust. Then manufacturers tried selling them on their ability to get rid of pests like mice and cockroaches. Research into these claims found that some pests do in fact hear these devices, but then adjust to them quickly and ignore them.

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If you can’t hear it, how do you know it’s on? When using an ultrasonic dog deterrent how do you know if it is emitting the sound? Some variations include a light that is meant to indicate that the product is on. How is a person to know if the light is the only thing working, or if the ultrasonic dog deterrent is making a sound? Most people can’t hear an ultrasonic sound. The Sound Defense is fully audible and loud, and it may serve to alert others to the situation.

Why Finding An Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Review Is Important

Sep 3, 2009 - The products range from dog collars to ultrasonic dog barking deterrent devices that are meant to stop them from barking If you are seeking the best ultrasonic dog repellent/deterrent, then feel free to use information from the tips and examples of highly-rated products. Stay informed for future dog deterrents in the market. For more information, please feel free to contact this site.

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The ultrasonic deterrent is an alternative to smelly, poisonous, or visually disruptive products that are available. It is highly effective on most small animals. The Ultra Protect Animal Repellent repels deer, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, possums, dogs, rabbits, and most other smaller animals. For cats, we recommend the Cat Stop cat repellent, available under the Animal Control/Cats link. It is widely endorsed and less expensive than physical barriers. If you've tried other solutions that failed, you're ready for this.

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Other companies manufacture devices that produce ultrasonic tones, and these are designed to confuse and frighten the animal. While they are easier to aim than a spray, this forms of aggressive dog deterrent is not always effective. They use extremely high frequencies. As the frequency of a sound wave increases, its width shrinks. The ultrasonic frequencies in these devices do not lie in the animal’s sensitive hearing range.The effective range of a dog deterrent matters, and it can be helpful to consider this in an ultrasonic dog deterrent review. The frequency of an ultrasonic dog deterrent product weakens more rapidly over distance than an audible dog deterrent at a lower frequency. The further away from the aggressive dog a person can stay, the better. The Sound Defense sounds at a much lower frequency than an ultrasonic dog deterrent.