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Most of our recipes are pretty easy and its so worth it when you see how happy your pooch is enjoying their delicious snack. For those of you that are conscious about the consumption of animal products below we’ve compiled 8 delicious vegan dog treat recipes for you to try your hand at.

(wheat and dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian) sweet potato apple dog treat/biscuit recipe

This recipe is from a recipe book called . It’s actually a vegan cookbook made specifically for dog treats to make at home, to give as gifts, or to use at any time of year. For additional recipes, pick up a copy of the book or try out some of the following recipes found elsewhere online.

Vegan, Grain-Free Dog Treat Recipe.

Simple Vegan Dog Treat Recipe: Now that we know what not to put in canine food, let’s focus on the positive. Most fruits, vegetables, and grains are safe for dogs, and healthy choices like carrots, bananas, peanut butter, carob, and oats can be made into tasty bites so good that you might find yourself sharing with Fido. Feel free to improvise by combining flour or oats, organic veg-based baby food, peanut butter, and shredded veggies to find your dog’s favorite flavors, or skip the brainstorming and check out one of the many vegan treat recipes already available. are a no-brainer, and the six simple ingredients needed might already be in your kitchen. If your pup is always gazing up at you with Precious Moments eyes when you’re indulging in chocolate, relieve your guilt by baking up wheat-free that have the sweet cocoa flavor minus the poison factor. If your dog is celebrating a birthday or has just been extra-good (saved you from a fire, folded your laundry, is heartbreakingly cute every single day), step it up by whipping up some complete with cinnamon or carob frosting options. You’ll be guaranteed prances of jubilee and sloppy kisses in return.

Recipe: Vegan Dog Treats | YesBiscuit!

These are similar to the I made, but this time I added pureed pumpkin. I meant to add some fresh parsley and mint, but completely forgot—next time, I guess. We’ll just have to continue to deal with Moe’s stinky breath until it’s time to make more treats. Since commercial treats are full of artificial ingredients, preservatives and animal products, we prefer to make his own treats. It’s especially convenient since Moe has been working on his Canine Good Citizen training so that he can be a therapy dog. Lots of training means lots of treats, so I feel better about loading him up with these and not the gross store-bought ones. I also froze the remaining pumpkin puree to use the next time I make treats. Get the recipe at my vegan blog, !

Jan 18, 2016 - Recipe: Vegan Dog Treats

These vegan dog treats are easy to make with just three ingredients:

- 3 Cups Whole Wheat Flour
- 1/3 Cupe Nutritional Yeast
- 1 Cup Low-Sodium Vegetable Broth

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When you make homemade treats and they happen to be vegan and people FLIP OUT! Seriously though, if you feel strongly against your dog consuming a treat containing no animal bi-products, please feel free to adjust this recipe as needed or completely disregard it altogether. I’m not here to tell you how to feed you companion animals – I merely would like to offer up a easy recipe that you can share with them. Fur babies deserve a little something special too!