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The best homemade vegetarian dog food should include a mixture of fruits, vegetables and quality protein along with fat. Yep, we need more fat in our diets as compared to a human fat to diet ratio. Fats don't hang out in a vegetarian diet without some help from you.

On this page learn how to make vegetarian dog food recipes especially healthy homemade dog food.

If you've already cleared this diet with your veterinarian, this homemade vegetarian dog food recipe could be a great addition to your pet's diet. Keep in mind that it is not 100% nutritionally balanced, so you'll need to add the required supplements before feeding it your pooch.

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Commercial diets are typically recommended, because many homemade dog food recipes, including vegetarian, lack complete and balanced nutrition. What if you prefer to make their own home-cooked, vegetarian or vegan dog food? That's trickier, Farcas says. "In the worst case scenario -- since vegetarian diets are harder to formulate -- it may be harmful to dogs." She recommends making a homemade diet only if you work with a veterinary clinical nutritionist who is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition.

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Despite the misconception of dogs being strictly meat eaters, they are actually considered to be omnivores, and hence a veg diet can be provided to them. Here are the important nutrients that need to be present in the vegetarian diet to ensure good dog health.Homemade Dog Food Recipes

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There is no scientifically known reason why dogs cannot live full, healthy lives on a vegan diet. Furthermore, a homemade or commercial vegetarian food can avoid the potentially detrimental health effects of many meat-based commercial foods.OK, enough about food, let's get to the good stuff, the homemade dog treats! Whatever variety of high quality food you choose to feed your dog, a vegetarian, vegan dog treat, or fruit dog treat will gladly be accepted in the dog treat jar.Some suggest that a good scratch-made meal may be more beneficial than one prepared from the commercial varieties, as Todd Metcalf, D.V.M., writes: "As a general trend, I would say dogs appear to do better on well made, home-made diets." Although we encourage incorporating both dry and wet commercial vegetarian dog foods, we strongly suggest not maintaining your dog exclusively on either a kibble or canned food diet, regardless of brand, whether or not the product is meat or soy- based . This is not to say we believe commercial pet foods are good or bad, or that there is a lack of difference in quality between products; rather, we feel that by including wet and dry commercial products into your home made meals, allows for providing a greater variety of taste and texture; as this book will teach you. A never changing diet can easily lead to an undesirable and less than ideal PH chemistry of your animal companion. A PH level which is too acidic is a breeding ground for all cancers, viruses, and so on. Also, remember that most all commercial vegetarian dog foods are soy-based. Regrettably, the majority of all soy crops farmed worldwide, is largely non-organically farmed, and thus may also pose various health risks. For example, conventionally farmed soy plants in America are farmed from inception to be immune to Roundup , an especially dangerous herbicide.Dogs are classified as carnivores, but as a practical matter, they are omnivorous and can easily survive without meat, as long as they eat a balanced diet. Dog relatives like foxes and coyotes consume lots of fruit or other vegetation at certain times of the year. While not ideal for every dog, most dogs can be successfully converted to a vegetarian or even vegan diet, and there are several suitable commercial dog foods as well as homemade diets. If you are considering a vegetarian rather than vegan diet for your dog, a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet has more flexibility by allowing dairy products and eggs as protein sources.