For dogs, today's vet visit might include acupuncture

Don't be afraid to ask questions. And don't worry about "dumb" questions -- if you don't know the answer already, it isn't a dumb question. For example, you might ask what food is best for a growing pup, how much and how often to feed, and when to switch to a diet for adult dogs. Use this time to evaluate your veterinarian's responses. Does she explain her answers fully, using terms that are easy to understand? Does she offer advice based on experience with other dogs of your pup's breed?

WebMD answers commonly asked questions about housecall veterinary services for dogs and cats.

Heartworm is an especially serious parasite that is transmitted by mosquito bites. These worms live in the major blood vessels of the lung, causing inflammation of the blood vessels and potentially resulting in heart damage and early death. Because treatment of heartworm infection carries a number of serious health risks and is also potentially fatal, prevention is critical. The Companion Animal Parasite Council, an assembly of experts in veterinary medicine and parasitology, recommend year-round heartworm prevention for dogs, because it is impossible to accurately predict all times when mosquitoes will be present. Additionally, most heartworm preventives contain medications that also treat for intestinal parasites, which can be transmitted at all times of the year. Blood tests to check for heartworm disease should be done yearly.

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From gastrointestinal support to weight management, Purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary Diets are formulated with the well-being of dogs in mind. When it comes to your dog's health money shouldn't be your first priority; helping him get well should be. With that said, cost can still be a consideration when selecting a veterinarian for your dog because when all things are held equal between two vets, the one that better fits into your budget might help raise one above the other.

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Hickory Veterinary Hospital, located in the Great Bridge section of Chesapeake, Virginia is a full-service Veterinary Hospital offering high quality medicine, surgery, dentistry, Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine for dogs, cats, pocket and exotic pets.

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When it comes to your dog’s general health, your vet is the expert and one to turn to. They know so much, including preventative health care, nutrition, vaccines, thyroid disease, kidney failure, diabetes, general surgery, geriatric pet health, and more. That’s why I send my cases back to the family vet for management of those issues. But when it comes to cancer, in my opinion, you see an oncologist.Your veterinarian must take a swab of your dog’s ear discharge, look at it under the microscope, maybe even send a sample of it to the lab to be cultured for bacteria, before we’re able to prescribe the right kind of ear goo for your particular dog’s particular infection.