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A friend of mine had this penguin dog toy and when you pulled a string on the back it started vibrating. My dog loved it, but I cant seem to find one anywhere. Anyone know what I'm talking about or where to get one??

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This instructable is a medium difficulty Instructable, about 1 to 3 hours building time, to convert a Remote Control Toy (a car) into a vibrating dog caller collar. ...

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This toy makes me laugh, but my dog is very leery of it when it starts vibrating The basic idea is to use the guts of a radio remote controlled toy car as a means to turn on and off a vibrator fixed to the dog's collar. The car has everything you need---hand held radio transmitter/actuator, small radio receiver with antenna, and a small motor that forms the basis of the vibrator.

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s Dog is just one example of a company who have a main site but operate mainly from Amazon, and do so very successfully. Their Amazon selection ranges from high-grade branded products (such as Svakom) through to own brand products (such as Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager) and a few questionable items (such as this terrifying TPE creation). Overall they can be considered to have an eclectic selection which will cater to most user’s needs and own preferences when it comes to sex toy materials and personal preference.

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For me the Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager is one such product, which bridges the gap between the luxury sex toy market and the cheaper, body safe toys that many people want and require access to. This sex toy is a very good example of a great end product. Not perfect but certainty enough to have me grinning with delight whenever I slide it inside my body. And, in the moment, that sense of sexual satisfaction is everything.This is why I don’t just consider the Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager to be purely a G-Spotting vibe either. This vibrator is just as competent when applied to the clitoris and absolutely fantastic during partnered use. I gained a lot of pleasure from handing this toy over to Mr. Peaches and allowing him to run its rippled shaft lightly across my vulva and clitoris, providing a tantalizing tease of textured sensations. I highly recommend using the Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager before transitioning to internal use (or simply finishing of with it clitorally).