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A dripping faucet is a cat magnet, an interactive toy that draws playful paws eager to catch a drop or two. But even without a drip, a cat may gaze at a faucet, hoping to see a trickle. Author Susan Conant, known for her mysteries starring dogs, also wrote "Scratch the Surface," in which she described a fictional Chartreux cat's encounter with a faucet: "How long can a cat safely go without water? The question never occurs to Brigitte, who nonetheless jumps to the kitchen counter, scampers to the sink and trains her amber eyes on the faucet. Just in case." For cats fascinated by water, flowing pet fountains that recirculate water in a continual whirl are great fun, and a good way to get them to drink more.

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The Dog Park is approximately one acre of fenced area where registered dogs are allowed to run free under their owner’s supervision. A portion of the Dog Park is fenced off to allow small dogs to run separately from the larger ones. A water faucet is provided for watering your dog. Both areas are accessed through a dual gate ‘air-lock’ entry that provides space for the owners to leash and unleash their dogs as they enter and leave the Dog Park.

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Provides a safe, permanent, and limitless water supply that is fresh, clean, and sanitary I bought this faucet to use at home. One of my dogs has skin problems and needs to be bathed with medicated shampoo several times a week. The water from the hose is too cold except in the middle of summer. I can wash him in the bathroom, but it's cramped in there, plus he makes a big mess when he shakes off. I could take him to a grooming salon, but even the self-service places are expensive if you go several times a week. So I had this faucet installed on the exterior of my house, right on the outside of the closet where my water heater lives, so I could have it all - warm water, lots of room, and no worries about the shake-off. This faucet is great! It's powerful enough to get all the shampoo out and give him a nice little massage, but not enough to cause any discomfort. The sprayer also has a little notch to hold it in the "on" position, which is great if you have wrist tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome and don't want to have to keep squeezing the handle. The plumber who did the installation was very impressed with my faucet selection. He said T&S is a very reputable commercial-grade brand, and I could expect the faucet to last for many years. He also had a lot of fun playing with the sprayer.

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These are the "different" waterers. One is the Lik-it or Lickzit connector that you can find at any large retail store. I liked this thing. One list member didn,t because the water can rush out. Very true. You hook it to your outdoor water faucet and turn the faucet on low. It has its drawbacks though. First, there is teaching the dog how to use it. Then there is the weather. If you live in a climate that may go down below freezing, it has to be removed. If it's above 100 degrees, and your water faucet isn't shaded you have to remove it, a shaded water faucet is a must. Saying that, my dogs loved it outside. The Great Pyrenees drank from it and the Kerry Blue realized what fun it was, so he created mud puddles and came in to drink from the house water bowl, you guessed it, filling it with dirt. The second type of watering bowl in this category is the outdoor self-heating bowls. Out here in cattle country, ranchers have used the concept for years. Getting up at 5 a.m. to hammer ice out of water, is a bummer. They heat to just above freezing, keeping the bowls liquid. We have one here, but the Great Pyrenees loves to chew the cord and we can't bury it deep enough to keep it from him. Our last Pyrenees, who has passed on loved it. I'm back to my morning routine. Six feet of snow on the ground. Get up, let out the dogs, throw on my boots, coat and gloves grab the hammer off the top of the hall tree. Go out smash dog and bird bath ice, refill and recheck it every two hours. All this, while still in my nightgown, much to the amusement of the UPS delivery folks.

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