Why and When You Should Use Waterless Dog Shampoo?

Try a waterless shampoo from your local pet store. These products are especially designed to clean your doggie's fur, so you can't go wrong with them. Even better, these products come in different forms, such as powder, foam or spray, so you can choose whatever you think Rufus will be more comfortable with. For example, some dogs hate being sprayed with anything, in which case a powder might be better. Follow the directions on the packaging -- most will require you to apply, rub in and then either brush the excess or use a towel to remove it.

There are so many reasons why I love the Miracle Coat waterless dog shampoo.

Vet's Best Waterless Dog Bath is a no-rinse foam dog shampoo that acts as a calming cleanser and moisturizer for your dog's skin and coat between baths. Waterless Dog shampoo is formulated using natural ingredients (aloe vera and neem oil) and has a relaxing and calming fragrance. For use with dogs 12 weeks or older, and will not affect topical flea control products. The perfect solution when water is unavailable or in cold weather. Please note: this item does not expire; the date on the item is the manufacture date.

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When a conventional dog bath isn't practical, it's QuikClean waterless shampoo to the rescue! It’s worth noting that your dog’s coat will appear slightly damp after applying a few dabs of Miracle Coat Foaming Waterless Shampoo, but there’s no water involved when you bathe your dog with this product.

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Initially we switched her brand of dog food, thinking that was the only we used with grain in it. Then when I found out most dog shampoos contain grain, I switched her to waterless shampoo, and we've seen a complete change in her skin and coat.

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Waterless shampoos are less messy and easier to use than standarddog shampoos. A waterless shampoo treatment requires only a fewminutes, and many dogs enjoy the procedure. Additionally, they areinexpensive and can even be made at home. Many veterinarians andwebsites provide recipes for easy-to-make waterless shampoos with abaking soda or corn starch base. Finally, waterless shampoos do help toprotect your dog from skin infections and other conditions that maydevelop without proper bathing.Some dogs experience allergic reactions to waterless shampoos. Ifyou notice any unusual physical symptoms or reactions after treatingyour pet with a dry shampoo, discontinue use and take your dog to theveterinarian as soon as possible.