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The Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Wiggling Interactive Dog Toy is a jumping plush tail that barks! It's wiggling, barking fun for your dog. It is motion activated and fun for you and your dog! Simply add batteries, press the button to turn it on and watch your dog have fun for hours!

Petsport USA 20560 15 inch Plush Wiggle Worm Squeaker Dog Toy, Assorted Colors, Multicolor

Wiggly Giggly Geo Ball is a one-of-a-kind toy. Just a nudge with a nose and the Wiggly Giggly makes a hilarious noise. You and you dog will not be able to resist these entertaining toys as they wiggle and giggle across the floor! Unique, non-electronic "air tubes" emit a hysterical giggling sound when toys are rolled and played with. No batteries! Made from durable, PVC plastic, each ball is weighted to roll in unpredicatable patterns. However, this toy is not for chewing. If your dog is a chewer, we recommend keeping this toy picked up until playtime. Wiggly Giggly Geo Ball measures 7 inches in diameter, good size for most dogs.

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FeaturesPetsport Wiggle Worm Plush Squeaker Dog ToySpecificationsWeight: 0.17 Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Dog Toy is the wiggling, barking tail of fun! This interactive dog toy jumps, barks, and makes loads of fun noises that stimulate dog's interest. The motion activated sensors encourages your pup to keep playing. This toy is perfect for hyper dogs to play for hours.

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Boogie Beagle walking wiggling singing toy dog. Push the collapsible "walking leash" and watch the beagle walk and wiggle to the tune of Tequila by The Champs. And it's new condition!

Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Dog Toy is the wiggling, barking tail of fun

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never used, my dog is too small and scared. this would be great for a bigger more playful dog. if you throw it, it wiggles and makes noise, bouncing around the floor. originally bought for $36. This ‘As Seen On TV’ toy is something that really attracts the dogs. It rolls, it bounces, it wiggles, it makes noise and it even dispenses treats. My dog had one of these and LOVED it (however, we humans got tired of hearing it). This is a fun toy and pretty much any dog would love it. It even stands up well to rougher players.Aussie Wiggle Monkey Dog Size Ea Aussie Natural Wiggle Monkey Dog Toy *** Find out more about the great product at the image link. (This is an Amazon affiliate link)Romp! Zany Ball - Motion Activated, Wiggly, Wobbly, Rolling, Motorized Dog Toy Romp! Zany Ball - Motion Activated, Wiggly, Wobbly, Rolling, Motorized