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At the moment, we consider the above to be the finest and highest quality model available on the market, and it’s what we recommend to anyone thinking of getting a wireless system. It’s also the only Havahart system that we review on our website, and not without reason: while the most recently released model is the Custom-Shape system, which allows you to set a dog containment area in almost any shape you choose and without being restricted to circles, the boundary tends to be quite unstable making the system undependable (not to mention the rather steep price). TheHavahart Radial-Shape Select Fence on the other hand strikes the perfect balance: it provides for very large signal coverage while simultaneously having the most stable boundaries of any wireless fence on the market.

Havahart is advertizing the Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence model #: 5144G. Do you know when you will review and carry this model?

We haven’t had the chance to look at the Havahart Custom Dog Fence. The system is tentatively scheduled for release in the next few weeks, and we should have a review shortly before or after the launch. My understanding is that it will use four different base stations to get a better reading on the position of the dog and will be programable to allow a custom shape. We haven’t got our hads on a demo unit yet but are looking forward to checking it out. A custom shaped wireless system would be awesome (and should be if customers are asked to pay $800!).

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Let’s see why we selected Havahart radial shape wireless dog fence in our best wireless pet containment system reviews: Wireless dog fences, such as the ones that we have included in our wireless dog fence system reviews, can be used to train your dog through visual reminders, like flags marking the boundary, backed up by an audible warning and a mild electric static shock for correctional purposes.

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Finding the best dog fence is not so easy. Sometimes it can be confusing. To know details about a good wireless dog fence and to for you, We have written 4 Best wireless Dog Fence Reviews. If you like More coverage area with custom shape area, then check our Buying guide.

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So, you will find detailed reviews and analysis of all the top wireless fence that impressed me (and a good many other people), and you will also find the top considerations when looking for the wireless dog fence and a few informational posts as well.When your dog is trained and you have the best wireless dog fence, it’ll prevent your dog from ending up in the streets or getting into an accident.